14 May 2012

Wish me luck!

Why? Because I might have a line on a foldaway ironing board cabinet, salvaged, in what looks like decent shape. If I can get it, I will mount it as the front of a pull-out broom closet unit. in my redone kitchen.

Cross your fingers for me!


Rachel Shoemaker said...

Check the backside of window trim, base trim etc. I know someone who Id'd her "Sears" house according to the previous owner as an Aladdin Colonial when she pryed off trim during restoring. She said that explained why she could never figure out what Sears model it was. The back was hand written in grease pencil "Aladdin Colonial" and when she looked in to it sure enough it was a match! Her's was not as old as your though. You might find more marks there, just sayin :)

BMT said...

So far, no labels or writing on any of the trim or boards, except a bit of cryptic greasepencil on studs from the closet wall we took out that all say "sp1" I think finding marks is going to be complicated by the fact that this house was heated with coal for 40 years, too. The attic is coated with coal soot, and I have had to scrub it off every surface in the house, even those i stripped six layers of paper off of. The thing that makes me sure this is an Aladdin is that unique floorplan, the original appearance of the front of the house, and the shape of the rafter ends.