16 May 2012

I got it!

The foldaway built-in ironing board cabinet, that is. The door is there, the cabinet itself is in great shape, with all moving parts intact. It's very petite, so it will work perfectly in its intended use as an in-door mounting on a pull-out pantry cabinet.

It has the sleeveboard, and the pop-up support and the covers are still on both boards, so patterning new ones will be a breeze. It has never been painted, so no stripping needed!
Edited to add this image from a 1920s catalog for Ideal Furnishings, what looks to be exactly the model I found.
The folks I bought it from are moving, which why they are selling off their salvage. It is a pity, because they are awesome people.

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Shasha Kidd said...

Too bad I didn't find your blog sooner. I had an ironing board cabinet salvaged from our house.