25 March 2006


The new light fixture (a flushmount with stars, moons and suns areound the edge) is up in my son's room, and it has a functioning switch. Looks great.

The last vestiges of the enthusiastically nailed dropped ceiling in the dining room and hallway are GONE! Gonegonegone! Yay! Now the repair of the cracks in the plaster can actually commence.

There is no longer a vast swath of stained, old, glued-down, blue indoor-outdoor carpet in the kitchen - I ripped it out with shouts of glee this afternoon. Now, of course, the inexplicably ugly linoleum (no pictures) can be seen, in all its blue-green, grey and red glory. At least it gives me a guide for laying the new sticky tiles.

The kitchen cabinets have had all handles removed, and the doors and drawers are off in preparation for painting. We even fixed the wonky hinge on one of the cabinets that's been bothering me since we walked the house initially.

The wall of the long, narrow (and unusable) pass-thru closet that we're incorporating into the master bedroom is now completely stripped down to studs. Interestingly, the studs all have pencilled notation on them. We also have a HUGE pile of plaster & lath debris to dispose of now, and some nice mouldings to use in places where original mouldings or edgings were damaged. There's also about 50 pounds of plaster roughcoat that dripped down onto the plate when they were coating the walls, and that's just peachy-keen to chip out.

I also took hi-res photos of the wallpaper fragments. Might get to reconstruct the stuff now :)

Still to tackle:

Bathroom. We're almost avoiding it, because it MUST be gutted and re-done. All the fixtures and associated bobs have been bought, but we still must buy Wonderboard, tile, adhesive and grout.

Dining room posts, beams and ceiling. We need to figure and purchase lumber, as well as figuring how much drywall is needed. That'll come this evening, I think.

What to do with the paint in the master bedroom... So far the only input my husband has given is "Warm. It should be warm and cozy." Which I agree with, and which really doesn't help much. The lights for the master bedroom and the dressing room are an antiqued copper. That should help, but it doesn't. Quandary.

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