25 December 2011

A clue! But what does it mean?

This is the only greasepencil mark we have found so far. We found it when we demoed out the wall between the master bedroom and the closet (which was VERY nonfunctional and which we plan to replace with builtins/wardrobes), and then I misfiled the photo - only to find it today. That is a stud, actually 2 inches by 4 inches. Since it is vertical, this could be read any sort of way:

  •  SP1
  • 1d5
  • 1dS
  • SPI
  • Id5
Does anyone know what it might mean?

I'll be shop-vac-ing the attic soon, and I expect to maybe find more marks.


lara said...

Hey, did you go to the county and pull the mortgage records? That might give you your answer.


BMT said...

We know the entire history of the house - we are the fourth owners, and the guy who lives next door grew up in the house. Also, we have the full record available from the county. It's one sheet, retyped in the 1960s, and contains minimal information.